Away we go…

I’ve been told my The Man (my DH herinafter to be referred to as DM as a protest against cheesy acronyms and initializations like DH) that it’s bang or whimper time. Can’t say I’ll deliver.

I am loving the NFL Network ad specifically designed for tonight’s simulcast of the Patriots/Giants game (I’m trying to find a link)! It is targeted directly at the customers of the cable providers who are refusing to add the network to their basic plans, instead, making people pay for a higher price elective tier if they want it. It points out the sheer volume of repetitive and “undesirable” hoopla out there in basic-cableland (not to say I don’t love me some TLC) and that, surely, there is room for the only football-focused network. Cause doesn’t everyone need that?

No, I’m not sure if I’m being serious or not.

I do think the NFL should put their money where their mouth is and let NFL Season Ticket be available to everyone too — if not on basic cable, then at least on pay cable rather than the whole “you wanna’ see it? Then get satellite!” Seems a bit contradictory…

Of course, if information should be free (as I believe it should be — at least in the ideal world I think is worth aspiring to) then all the games should just be there for anyone who wants them. But I’m willing to take baby steps — just give me Bronco games. Especially against the Hated Raiders.

Never would have thought that my first post would be about football. Dad will be so proud!


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