The real reason US troops are still in Iraq

OK. So, I was just talking to DM about how I really wasn’t sure what to blog about. Doing a standard “Happy New Year” thing seemed trite. He suggested the Presidential campaign, but I’m just not feeling it. Or perhaps the fact that Pkin is currently walking around saying “Daddy’s a vegetable!” (This was preceded a few minutes ago by “Daddy is a ba donk-a-donk!”) But then Robbie Maddison (aka insane motorcycle jumping guy) came to my rescue.

In an interview as he was preparing his attempt at a new World Record distance for motorcycle jump, Robbie thanked all those people fighting in wars for allowing him the freedom to make this jump.

Yes. That’s right. People are fighting and dying all over the world (he isn’t clear on which side of the conflict people need to be on or if there are particular wars that are more relevant. But that’s a minor issue, really) so he can mount a souped up motorcycle and propel himself 300-some odd feet onto a pile of dirt emblazoned with Red Bull logos in front of the literally dozens of people (OK, I’m being hyperbolic, but there really aren’t that many people) who paid their hard earned $12 to see him…ummm…well, I guess some probably want to see him get the World Record cause World Records are really important in the grand scheme of things. I’m guessing most of them are there so they can see him crash. Sad reality, my friends. Fascination of the Abomination (The only thing I remember from AP English).

Sure hope he makes it. Otherwise troops in Iraq (and, I presume, Darfur and…) will need to keep fighting so he can be free to try something stupid like this again.


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  1. cole

    ill be making a site on the war and id be greatful if u took a look at it and then email me. thanks it would be a nhonor to hear your opinion

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