Yes, Pkin, there is a Santa Claus

In what will surely be a regular segment here, I bring you the first installment of “Pkin is WAY too smart!” (So, I won’t actually be calling it that, but it made for a smoother intro…)

While preparing for bed this evening, Pkin was watching the Jimmy Neutron Christmas episode on On Demand (I’m sure I’ll write about the implications of her thinking every TV show — and, by extension, most other things in life — is On Demand). In this episode, Jimmy is arguing with his friends about how Santa Claus and his night of gift giving is not scientifically possible.

Of course, I was a bit nervous her seeing this and taking it seriously at her young and impressionable age (4-year olds take everything so darn literally)! But I reassured myself by saying she likely didn’t really get much of the conversation anyway. So imagine my surprise when she said, “Mama, Jimmy doesn’t think there is a Santa Claus.”

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh Shit” my brain immediately screamed while running a mile a minute to figure out my response. I am not ready for my child not to believe in Santa. And I’m sure as hell not ready for her to reach this decision because of my reaction to her statement and/or because of an animated “genius” with an overly large head and tendency for causing explosions.

“I know!” I said. “Isn’t that silly?” followed, appropriately, by that fake chuckle parents have (perhaps mine had a bit too much desperation in it).

“No, mama. It’s not silly.” (ohshitohshitohshit) “It’s sad.”

Deep sigh of relief.

“Your right, honey. It is.”

Thank goodness — my baby is still a baby. At least until she’s 5…


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One response to “Yes, Pkin, there is a Santa Claus

  1. fairystarlight

    hahaha.. aww! I know isnt it crazy how soon kids are not believing in santa claus.. my cousins figured it out by 5, which is too soon to me in some retrospect. They should continue to have the imagination and magic behind Santa, as well as many other things. -even if your not Christian, depending on how you grow up, Santa is just a old nice man giving you presents, harmless and fun, it makes the kids excited and give them hope- Jimmy Nuetron’s intelligence is a hinderence for a child, he shouldnt be thinking logically and tryin to make everything try to fit together with proof, as a child you just believe something because it just is. You pretend, you have imagination, and yes its naive, but thats what being a kid is.
    Being smart is great, but I would prefer to have the naiveness so they can explore beyond knowing the truth.. kids really know more than you think, which is one reason you have to be careful around them, but it’ll be okay, I think one should fufill their apetatite for knowledge through imagination.. (up to a certain age maybe..)

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