Cats are e-vil!

Update: OK, damn it. I found the missing post sitting in my drafts. “I wrote it all, I just forgot to turn it in…” Crap.

I’ve been away for awhile as I dealt with the standard stresses of a rapidly approaching new semester (and the disappointment of watching another blogger administratively block all new comments on a post because she was too stressed to hear opposing views, even if they were stated respectfully. Got a little disheartened about the entire prospect of blogs there for a bit).

While I was away, we added several new members to our family: two 4-month old kittens (sisters) and three fish (in a new aquarium — Pkin’s first ever…she’s very proud). And the three fish soon became many more as the female guppy birthed some babies (interesting side note for those who don’t know — guppies are live bearers, so none of those fish eggs here!)

The two kittens are sisters and are chock full of energy. I honestly wasn’t certain I was ready to add new cats to the family after Pepe’s demise, but Pkin was very concerned that we would be “a family without a pet.” We later learned she was asking about getting fish (thus their addition), but at the time we just sort of assumed “cat” and so went that route (I believe Pkin has the market cornered on getting neat stuff out of mom and dad).
I figured I would just check out the options, see what sorts of places there were in the area for adopting a cat and we knew we were open to adopting two who needed to be together (the only reason Pepe was an only was because our last cat died about 6 years ago when Pepe was 10 and the personality we saw as a result made it clear she really liked being on her own. We didn’t think it fair to force another kitten or cat on her at that point, so…)

Anyway, the new kittens are sisters and have very interesting and different personalities. While one of them, Anyanka (Anya, for short) would have been fine on her own, Winifred (aka Fred) (I’m a 30-something academic. Of course I’m a Buffy and Angel fan — duh!) , really needs to have her sister around. We were happy to be able to bring them both into our family. And the vet techs, staff, etc. at the vet clinic where we got them (they had been caring for them for about a month after a county Humane Society contacted them asking them to care for them so they wouldn’t be euthanized) were ecstatic that we were keeping them together.

They said they were especially happy since the cats are black and it is extremely hard to place black cats. Having had a number of black cats in my life (in fact, most of our cats have been black) this surprised me. So I asked them the obvious question, “Huh?”

It seems people actually don’t adopt black cats because of the superstitions involving them (just think how hard it would be to keep a black cat from crossing your path if they live in your house!) and because people believe they are involved in witchcraft.

Let me say that again. People don’t adopt black cats because they are involved in witchcraft. The cats, not the people who won’t adopt them (because, I suppose, those people who are involved in witchcraft would be pleased to adopt a black cat being as they’re all magical and stuff.)

Sometimes I just don’t know what to say. Perhaps, then, I’ll end with what one of my friends and colleagues said when I told him this story — “Yeah, cause it’s the Dark Ages!!!”


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