WordPress strikes again!

Apparently, I am now a real blogger…because my last post has completely disappeared!

I’ve been away for a few days, but had posted a profoundly insightful, elegantly written post that was going to prompt deep debates, heartfelt conversations, and copious comments. I swear it! Or maybe it was a post about the new kittens and something adorable Pkin said (don’t remember what). And now it isn’t here!

And DM is smugly asking “Did you write it in Word first? I told you you should write it in Word first. I told you my RSS feed never got anything. Are you gonna’ write in Word now?”

Mates suck!

As I prepare to teach a class where I am requiring my students to begin and maintain a blog, I suppose this is some sort of preemptive poetic justice. I’m sure my students will be pleased. Always good to have a personal anecdote to share with them, I guess.

I wonder how much I’m going to hear about this when they don’t have quite enough posts to their blogs one week…


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