Stepping on Legos

While this could totally be a post about the way that Legos always appear under foot even when they weren’t there a second before and how they always seem have the supremely pointy bits up, it won’t be.

Instead, this will be about adorable things 4-year olds say and do and the ways their fathers (or, at least, DM) respond.

Back story: Pkin is a full-on Wii fan. We can, literally, get her to do anything we want by promising to play Wii games. And while I’m sure this qualifies us for the Awful Parents Hall of Fame in some books, we think it’s good. It’s an opportunity for social interaction (we don’t sit by ourselves and play individual games without involvement of other people), develops hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills (duh), and allows her to see fun and interesting uses of technology (she’s gonna’ need to know how to use it and not be afraid of it, so…)

Lately, Pkin and DM have been playing Lego Star Wars (thus, the post title. I’ll get to the stepping in a second).

On the particular level where they are this evening, after blowing up a number of things and using The Force to the Lego bits left behind, they found they had created what I have to describe as a Scout Walker (it pretty much looked like one — you know, the little two-legged walky things from Empire that come in across the snow with the great big dinosaur looking things that get toppled with the trip wire thing…).

Pkin was thrilled to hop in and drive the little walker around — especially once she realized that she could squash people by stepping on them (thus the rest of the title). As soon as she figured that out, she starting stomping around squashing everything that came near her — R2D2, Obi-Wan, C3PO (who, interestingly, goes head down into the sand with his feet kicking around in the air when he gets stepped on).

Of course, she only had to step on Obi-Wan twice before DM (who was playing Obi) started getting frustrated (and this is increasingly apparent in the tension and increasing volume of his voice).

“Pkin, please don’t step on me.” “Pkin when you step on me I can’t do anything.” “Pkin, come over here so I can see.” “Pkin, will you come over here? This is really frustrating.” “Pkin! Quit it! This is a social game and we need to cooperate!” “Pkin, stop it! Don’t step on me anymore!”

I tend to intervene about here. My first comment is usually, “She’s just having fun.”

Then, “Will you quit it?” (to DM)

Then, “Pkin — let’s follow daddy. Daddy needs you to go over there.” And she does…cuz I’m just that good (not really, but this is my blog so I can claim whatever I want!)

Another funny story from Lego Star Wars land. Pkin and DM enter Mos Isley, where they discover Han and Chewbacca (who else would they find there???)

“Daddy, you be the pet!” This was Pkin’s instruction for DM to stop being Obi-Wan and change to Chewbacca. Yes, you read that right. She called Chewbacca a pet. She’s lucky he’s just a little virtual Lego (can’t you totally hear his yowl now?)

Like any good person raised on the Star Wars Trilogy (the good ones, not these slacker things of late that proved that George Lucas can’t really write dialog at all!), DM halted play immediately.

“What did you say?”

Pkin paused, not sure how to answer considering daddy was clearly distraught.

“Did she say play the pet?” I queried. It became clear that is exactly what she said. DM was appalled. He explained, as calmly as possible, that that was Chewbacca and he was a Wookie.

A brief pause while she processed…and then…

“Chackabacka is funny!” This was followed by about 10 minutes of laughter with periodic comments to reiterate, just in case we’d missed it the first time, that Chackabacka was funny. She then started saying she couldn’t stop laughing it was so funny. Cracks me up (nothing bring as much happiness as listening to a child laugh).

Soon afterward she started talking about the Woo-key (woo as in trying to win over, like rhymes with true). Then it was my turn to laugh…



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2 responses to “Stepping on Legos

  1. becksteroonies

    That was hilarious! I think it was probably more fun to me because…i’ve played it! oh yea! i was told if you leave the game still for a few moments without pause, any character of the animal nature will poop out legos!

  2. I am totally going to need to try that! Not only are there Lego-ey animals, but they poop!?! That is the height of 4-year old humor!

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