Hooked on Phonics Worked for Me!

OK, so I’ll admit that part of the reason I’m posting now is so that my most recent post isn’t about Jesus and Poopie.

That being said, we’ve recently started using our little Hooked on Phonics set with Pkin. Before we started, she already read a few words (her name, “no”, “yes” and she was working on things like “Start” since you need that to play Wii games…) When we first explained we were going to start this process, she was not happy.

“Reading is hard!”

“That’s OK, honey. It’s hard because you don’t know how to do it yet, but we’re going to help you learn.”

“But reading is boring!”

Yes. The child of two academics thinks reading is boring. It burns!

Then we had a brainstorm. We do one lesson of Hooked on Phonics and then Daddy and Pkin play Wii games together.

And it’s working…

Two lessons and multiple words ending in “an” and “at” down — several hundred more to go!

Baby steps…



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3 responses to “Hooked on Phonics Worked for Me!

  1. becksteroonies

    Good Call! Thats the same method I use to get Fiance to do stuff around the house! lol

  2. wwjdfrog

    That’s so sweet.
    Since I am working at a preschool, it is so cute to see children learning something step by step.

  3. The team at Hooked on Phonics came across your blog and wanted to say how thrilled we are to hear that your daughter is using our program!

    Reading can be hard, which is why we keep the lessons short and make the program flexible so you can move at your own pace.

    We wish your family continued success with the program and look forward to hearing more success stories!

    Hooked on Phonics

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