Sick sucks

So, the sluggomarie family has been down and out from various ailments and maladies for almost 2 weeks now. It started with Pkin (as such things often do — kids and schools are walking germ factories) and the stomach flu. I discovered then not to say she had a stomach “bug” as she was then highly concerned about the insect crawling around inside her (lesson learned…)

Four days later, it hit DM — still stomach flu, but of a slightly different variety (I shall spare you the details). Though he was down and out, I was fine. I started getting a little optimistic that it wouldn’t get me. I then calculated everything out and figured if I made it through last Saturday, I was in the clear as that would be more than 4 days since DM got it. So, of course, got it late Friday. That’s what I get for counting.

I spent the weekend in bed and then headed to the office on Monday partly because that’s what people do on Monday’s and partly because I teach on Monday’s and wanted/needed to be there for class. That worked for about an hour before I knew it wasn’t gonna’ work. Of course, it took another 3 hours to actually get out of the office…

As the stomach insect was passing, I found I had another cold alongside/underneath/immediately following it. Took me out of the office again today (along with crazy ice). Home sick for two days in one week is crazy! I just don’t take sick days. I love my job, love my co-workers, love my students — I just don’t take sick days! I have something like 3 weeks of sick time backed up because I just don’t use it. And did I mention that I don’t use it?

Now I not only feel like crap and am ticked off at being out of the office, but I also have almost no voice. And I like to talk! That’s just not right…



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3 responses to “Sick sucks

  1. becksteroonies

    working in schools i feel your pain. It always seems like when it rains it pours…trust me! Lately i would know!

  2. wwjdfrog

    I know how you feel!!
    I had a horrible flu last week and I was home for four days in a row. Hope you feel better now.

  3. petiteandelite

    omg i feel your pain!!! ive been sick for over 2 weeks. i had a high fever, was freezing, a sore throat, ended up i had STREP throat cause i went to the doctors. than i started taking my medicine still feeling like crap… thought i was getting better and about a week ago i started feeling like crap but worst. i got this horrible cough, i am all congested and feel really shitty. i hate being sick!

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