Why do I like Virginia again?

Sometimes I just don’t get this place. This interesting post by Dana tracks yet another page in the illustrious book that is Virginia’s worldview. Yes, children need to have an adult explain how two male penguins could raise a a baby penguin or those little children heads might just explode! I suppose we should also take away any other book that doesn’t maintain the white, Christian, biological, heteronormative, experience that is “everyone’s” family…

I often comfort myself by saying northern Virginia should secede and leave the rest of Virginia to fend for itself (since we have the majority of the tax base, we’d be OK — good even!) But then a county just a few miles down the road goes all Deliverance and I’m left shaking my head and wondering when I’ll get to live in a place that has a flippin’ brain!


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One response to “Why do I like Virginia again?

  1. palmtree

    I had no idea that there were other people in the area who are as annoyed with the people in Northern Virginia as I am. Its almost as if there are two different groups of people living in this area, one group embraces reality, whereas the other group of people are narrow-minded conservatives who shelter their children from everything they believe is “wrong” with the world. In all honesty, I think these parents are doing their children a disservice because eventually when those kids grow up and encounter things they were once shielded from, they won’t know how to react. It just scares me because those children are going to be running our country in the future, so I would hope that they would know the diversity that makes this world a beautiful place. I’m not really sure how much longer I can tolerate this area, partially because of the fact that the people are so uptight and conservative, so I am thinking about applying to out-of-state graduate schools so that I can hopefully escape all these people who act as if they don’t have a brain.

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