And in my spare time…

Today (well, this week really, but today works) has been one of those days when I think I just may try to cram too damn much stuff into my schedule.

So, this week (in addition to working full-time and teaching and consulting and attending school events and generally being a mom and a wife and taking care of a little girl who had two teeth pulled all that, I also defended my field statements which means all I have left to do for my PhD is my dissertation…and, yes, I recognize that saying something silly like “all I have left to do” about a dissertation clearly displays how out of touch with reality I am right now…) we also had Pkin’s birthday party.

And for some not particularly known reason, I decided long ago that I would make her birthday cake every year (as I do with her Halloween costume) until such time as she would be mortified if I did it. That means yesterday evening was spent baking the cakes and this morning was spent decorating them. And no matter how many times I do this, I never accurately estimate how long it takes.

So, once again, I started the day decorating (two difference purse cakes this year — one pink, white and purple, the other yellow and multi-spotted) at about 9am (after finally going to bed sometime after 1am because the baking of cakes meant I didn’t get anything else I wanted to get done done and, therefore, I had to stay up later than I planned…you see the cycle). Still I found myself not finishing up until almost 1pm and I still had to take a shower before driving the 15 miles or so to the party location where we were supposed to be by 1:15 (thankfully I’m not crazy enough to try to have it at our house, because then I’d actually have to clean too!) I was even one of those women I make fun of who was putting on make-up in the car (not while drivin, mind you. DM did that — because I had two cakes in my lap. It would have made for quite a mess if I has dropped the mascara).

Now that we’ve returned home with the haul and I have hours of opening of little boxes full of ponies and princesses with those tiny little twist ties and rubber bands that make things look good while they’re sitting on a shelf but require a PhD to open (which I don’t have yet since “all I have left…”), I will also be making 4 dozen cupcakes to bring to the office tomorrow to thank all the people who helped me in the process of getting through my field statements so I can have only the dissertation left…

And I think next week I’m getting a tatoo…

A friend of ours once said to DM and I, “You know that what you guys call taking it easy is what most people call insanely busy, right?” I think we may need to work on taking it even easier…


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  1. OOO! I love tatoos!! i have two and i wanted to get another one next week on spring break with Tree but Fiance said that was not a good idea and that he would divorce me since this whole tatoo thing is kind of addicting….

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