Ever have one of those weeks…?

That whole “when it rains it pours” thing sometimes seems so inadequate a description of life.  This past week or so has been a top to bottom mess (with a few EXTREMELY high spots). It started with office drama at the end of Spring Break, then there’s the deer incident I mentioned earlier, then a middle of the night work emergency last weekend. That led to more office drama on top of the already existing office drama (which just got more dramatic).

And then I hung out and chatted for a couple amazing hours with bell hooks.  She helped remind me why I love what I do so much.
And then I had to go back to the office and the drama that just keeps going (and sometimes makes me wonder if the sorts of things we talked about with bell are even possible).
Things at home are now taking on the craziness that I hoped would stay at work. Tuesday night we found that one of the new cats we adopted in January had somehow or another done something that led to a lot of dried blood on her hind leg and an inability to put even the slightest bit of weight on it (must be pay back. When we hit the deer DM said it must have been cosmic justice because when this same cat seemed very ill and went to the vet last week she was pulled through it all and on the mend. So, a deer had to be sacrificed. For those who are reading this and going, huh? The atheists believe in cosmic anything — just know that it is just a semi-satirical way of representing the fuckedupedness of the world sometimes).

DM had to rush off to the emergency vet with her while I stayed with Pkin who was a good bit stressed about the kitty (she still harbors a lot of doctor issues from my surgery and then from my complications leading to a stay in ICU and then Pepe’s couple trips to the emergency vet leading to mega meds and then death. Can’t say I blame her).

Of course, it didn’t just end with a simple cut.  First, it hurt her too much to allow anyone to look at the actual extent of the injury — even after a dose of pain meds. So that meant anesthesia and minor surgery to clean and repair. And staying up until 3am to find out from DM what the plan was and wait for him to get home safely.

And then waking up again about 5:45am when he finally came to bed after finally getting a call from the vet to tell us how the surgery went. That’s when we found out that not only did she have a big cut (about 3cm) but she also didn’t seem to have her tendon attached anymore. She’d need to be seen by the specialists to determine the extent of the injury and how to repair it.

Of course, because it wouldn’t have been my week otherwise, they determined she ruptured her Achilles tendon. Thus she required surgery to reattach it. And because she’s a kitten they can’t do the screws and pins repair since her bones are still growing. So her leg is held straight in a splint and bandaging that ends up being about as long as her body is and weighs about as much. And she has to be confined for 4-8 weeks in a small room where she can’t hurt herself. And she has to wear one of those funky collars so she doesn’t get at her bandages (of course, she’s already gotten it off twice. The first time being on the way back from the vet on the Interstate going about 65 miles an hour. And not only did she get the collar off, but she also got out of her carrier and jumped across the car into my lap, hitting the gear shift and knocking it into neutral. Did I mention this was on the Interstate!?! At 65 miles an hour!?!

In the middle of all of this (not the thing on the Interstate — but the week itself) I got some amazingly good news! But, again, because it wouldn’t be my life otherwise, the amazingly good news is a secret. I was able to tell only an incredibly small number of very specific people (those people who will be coming to a thing that has to do with the secret). Everyone else has to wait until Friday to hear about it.

And I do NOT do secrets well. Keeping things confidential — sure! Do that all the time! And keeping quiet about something negative — that’s no problem because why would I want to burden other people with it? But there’s something about a good secret — especially once being labeled such — that just makes me want to tell people. I can’t count the number of times I told DM what a present was before I gave it to him because I was so excited (I’m like a freakin’ little kid!)

So by far the best thing to happen to me this week (and in a lot of weeks — this thing is BIG!) and I can’t say anything until Friday.

As Pkin just said while blowing something or another up in the Star Wars game she’s playing to DM (still her reward for doing her reading each day — she’s in Level 2 of Hooked on Phonics now and going strong!) “Oh, tartar sauce!”

I think I’m ready for another Spring Break…



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4 responses to “Ever have one of those weeks…?

  1. 1. I cant keep good exciting secrets either. Got the fiance a new car stereo with ipod adaptor for christmas- i gave it to him 3 days before christmas with the justification that he would need time to get it installed and he had to open it BEFORE christmas beause we could use it for the ride to his mother’s in va beach….im bad….
    2. Congrats on your secret! whatever it may be! I’ll stay posted until friday!!

  2. Nisha

    ok 1st..WOW..
    drama sucks, and its not fun to be part of, middle of it, whatever.. yu would think as you get older, it would decrease, but apperntly not so much..
    2nd. Im sorry ur kitty is injured.. oo poor kitty, must not like being all bandaged, but kudos for her getting all the stuff off!
    3rd. Yea its hard keeping a good secert, sometimes you just want to bust holding it in, and with really good news u want to tell every1. But hold on, 1 more week that person will spill the beans n you can be like< haha i knew before all of you and i resisted temptation to tell you!
    Wahoo, yay for good, happy secrets/news..

    Hang in there prof. with all the bad news, surely more good ones will come 🙂

  3. puggy0313

    haha I feel like my life is one of those weekends. But yea, I can’t keep secrets either. I am totally a giver and love to see the enjoyment from others from receiving. I bought my boyfriend a PS3 for his b-day and the day I bought it I wrapped it up and everything so he wouldn’t know what it was if he found it. But I told him I got him a gift and let him guess, giving him large hints, and he knew. I think I just wanted him to have it to open and see him happy. I also did that at christmas when I got him a Adrian Peterson Jersey. I didnt’ actually have the jersey because it was being shipped but I printed a picture and wrapped it. He thought it was a gift card but I gave large clues “I wanted to get you what you really wanted for christmas as that is what christmas is about, those Christmas Story type gifts” then he totally knew what it was…I’m bad.

    Anyway, I’ll have to check back friday to see what the secret was!

  4. pastlegal

    so, that was pretty scary on the highway I don’t know how you were able to get outta that one. But I think I’m an optimestic person, so I think that overall, you’ll be fine. 😀 But it did sound a little hectic, but in the long run you’re a strong person who can get through anything 😀

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