Five-Year Old Trash Talk

OK, so, I’m a total slacker who hasn’t even been to my own blog in more than 5 months (except for once or twice to see how long ago it really was that I wrote something). Now that the teaching of a new class is done, the summer orientation season is through (as well as the Olympics), the dissertation proposal is defended, and Pkin has begun kindergarten, I should finally have some time to at least check in periodically.

To start, though, I feel it appropriate to lighten your day with a variety of Pkin trash talk. This has all resulted during the playing of Wii — primarily during Mario Cart but also sometimes via Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Enjoy!


  • All right! That’s it! Party over!
  • I have you now!
  • I’m leaving this party!
  • Huh, let’s have a better party.
  • Everybody stinks.
  • Well, this stinks.
  • This time I’m winning all!
  • That’s it! You got your boogers on me everybody!
  • OK! That’s it! Pack up your backpacks and let’s head out to the shed!
  • See you later, folks! I’m big!
  • Try it again? Well, you can’t pancakey!
  • I’m gonna’ smash on you with a big Bullet Bill! I’m gonna’ fight, fight, fight, fight, FIGHT!
  • Tell it to the judge!
  • Watch out everybody, I gotta’ go!
  • You have burritos on your nose!
  • All this stinkin’ trash in here!
  • You’re the one trash talk!
  • Watch the movie tomorrow night!
  • I got the biggest pile!  Nah, nah, nah everybody!
  • Try to catch me if you can, suckers!
  • It’s gotta’ be somebody that’s fired! Everybody! Not me!
  • The little brat needs a time out!
  • Fire the hog! (attempting to replicate “fire in the hole”)
  • Eat my cheese oatmeal!
  • I’m fast! I’m slow! I’m smooth!
  • Taste my toast!
  • He took my tooshy!
  • Kiss my oatmeal!
  • It’s not you! It’s me! Alright, it’s you!
  • You smell like a cheese taco!
  • (very innocently) Let me try out my new Bullet Bill!
  • I’m gonna’ call you butts if you do that again!
  • All right, daddy! You’re going down!
  • In the nose!
  • You don’t know anything about it!
  • (Sing song) I’m not going down, you are going down!
  • I didn’t knock you any day, I knocked you now! You’re fish sticks!
  • I’m gonna’ kick your butt now, donkey!




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