How time has flown…

So, yeah! Almost 11 months since my last post. So much for posting regularly. Admit it — who here is impressed that I even remembered my login?!?

But I am back now and do intend to be back more often — call this an early New Year’s resolution (and we all know how well these work).

Things have been busy and crazy and Pkin is getting older and growing and doing amazing things and cracking us up regularly.

And life has been hard and challenging and exhausting and ridiculous as well.

But it is and I’m learning to treasure whatever it is.

Anyway, very interesting conversation taking place at over at Adopt-a-tude about the new “Find My Family” reality show on ABC. I’ve not watched an episode yet, in part because I find reality TV so repugnant generally. But at some point I shall and I’ve no doubt I’ll write about it here when I do.

I’m guessing I’ll have a lot to say…


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