Daily Gratitude

I’ll admit I’ve long heard about the supposed benefits of gratitude for people with chronic illnesses (OK, and for other people too…).  But I’m a perpetual skeptic so never got around to doing it myself. In fact, I thought it sounded kind of wacky.

I’m finding, though, as I delve more into what fibromyalgia means in my life, that I’m open to trying something new (sort of have to be since what I was doing before clearly wasn’t working!)

Conveniently, I’m participating in a goal setting (and, hopefully, achieving) workshop with Aby at simplify101 and one of the requirements for the workshop is keeping a daily gratitude journal. Since I’m still not one for much actual writing in a formal journal (partially because writing hurts me a whole lot more than typing), I’ve decided I’ll post my daily gratitude here.

So, gratitude for Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010:

  • I’m grateful for my fabulous husband and amazing daughter who deal with my pains and my fatigue and my general and assorted quirks with, mostly, smiles and laughter.
  • I’m grateful that I came in to the office today for the first time since before Christmas and all the plants are still alive — and the Christmas cactus is even in bloom!
  • I’m grateful that my first day back at work in awhile is generally quiet allowing me to be productive in my own ways.
  • I’m grateful that my conference paper was accepted for the National Association of Ethnic Studies conference later this year.
  • I’m grateful that my wake-up call came in the form of fibromyalgia rather than something life threatening (for many people in my family, their wake-up calls come with cancer or a heart attack, so maybe this isn’t so bad…at least I’m alive to be awakened!)

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