Daily Gratitude

Look at me — it’s day 2 and I’m still posting daily (whoo-hoo!)

Here are my daily gratitudes for Jan. 6:

  • I’m grateful that, once again, I’m one of the only people in the office so I can actually get work done (and blog and not feel guilty for not getting work done).
  • I’m grateful that in one week my husband, daughter, and I will be heading to California for a little rest, relaxation, and sight-seeing.
  • I’m grateful that the class I’m teaching this semester should be both fun and not too much work.
  • I’m grateful that a pashmina I bought in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul 3 years ago because I liked it, but wasn’t sure I’d ever actually use it has become a mainstay of my chilly winter wardrobe.
  • I’m grateful that my husband and daughter have been so helpful and on board with the efforts to declutter our house (of late and over the last few years).
  • I’m grateful we have a house to declutter.
  • I’m grateful to a co-worker who did an outstanding job cleaning the office kitchen before break and who also replaced the water filter on the sink so it didn’t squirty you every time you tried to use it.
  • I’m grateful that stretching feels so good — makes you want to do it again!

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