Pkin expresses herself…

We have been working with Pkin on various ways to express her emotions that don’t include temper tantrums or violence. It appears we may have found an effective outlet (art therapists are likely saying “Duh!” right now).

After a Pkin/DM run in yesterday over something I don’t even remember now, Pkin embarked upon a big batch of harumphing and, even, a bit of punching Beary (her stuffed bear) in the face. When I remarked that I thought she might be able to find some other way to express her frustration besides hitting her bear (we generally hold to the belief that nothing should be hit ever, regardless of whether or not it can feel pain), she stomped upstairs, went straight to her white board, and drew this:

For those who want clarity in their art interpretation, the author’s statement indicates, “I am kicking daddy’s butt!” (Pkin is the very scribbley squiggly person in the center denoted my “me.” Daddy is the one flying through the air after having  been kicked in said butt. I am watching from the sidelines.)

The observant among you will note that Daddy and Mama are both smiling. Mama (marked “Momy” — she’s working on spelling and is having some internal conflicts about calling me Mama while everyone else refers to their mother as Mommy)  Mama is saying “Yea! Again! Again!” while Daddy says “Wee! I like it! This is my greatest day ever!”

After she drew it, she showed daddy and had him take a picture so he could show me. She then came downstairs laughing and happy and all better.

Go white board magic!


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