Daily Gratitude

I’m a bit late in posting this today, but here it is!

Daily gratitude for Thursday, January 7:

  • I’m grateful to have had a day out of the office, even if it wasn’t spent just lying in bed and eating bon-bons.
  • I’m grateful for my three cats who are all kinds of goofy.
  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to spend some time with my husband, even if we weren’t alone at all during it.
  • I’m grateful that my daughter will be home from school soon, which means lots of snuggles for me!
  • I’m grateful for a trip to Wegmans that means we have my favorite sandwich, a yummy cookie, some good looking brownies, a bag of chocolate and fresh onion bagels (can you tell I’m carbing right now?)
  • I’m grateful that some people have been able to see through the hype and the visual effects (which are very good) to the true offensiveness of Avatar.
  • I’m grateful that tomorrow is Friday. I always like a good Friday!

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