That’s right…just call me the Ice Princess!

Today I took a first step toward completing a goal I’ve set in my goal setting workshop — I signed up for ice skating lessons.

Yes, I am just a couple years away from 40. Yes, I have in excess of 100 pounds to lose before I’m even close to where I need to be. Yes, I had back surgery in 2005 and have broken, sprained, and twisted my left ankle someplace upwards of 20 times (total — not each injury type). Yes, I have fibromyalgia.

And I decided, so what?

I’ve spent much of my life waiting to do things until the time was right — I’ll wait to do x until I weigh y being one of my favorites. My FM diagnosis last year only helped reinforce that habit for me. As I worked to learn what the disease meant for me, I put many things on hold (or continued hold for many things I placed there long ago).

As I’ve been working on this goal setting workshop and working to find balance in my life and contemplating what my future will hold, I decided it was time to start some new habits.

And the first one will be that I am going to live my life NOW rather than wait to live it until it meets whatever standard or expectation I set.

So, January 30 at 11:15am in the morning, you’ll know where to find me — figuring out how to be on the ice (and hopefully standing on it more often than sitting, but hey! You gotta’ crawl before you can…well…skate!)


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One response to “That’s right…just call me the Ice Princess!

  1. myfoggybrain411

    That’s awesome!!! Go for it!!!

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