Daily Gratitude

Crazy busy today, but wanted to be sure to post my gratitudes (keeps me sane and in touch with what matters in the midst of the crazy).

I am grateful for/that:

  • Today is my last day in the office for a week!
  • Leaving for Cali tomorrow with the fam.
  • Pkin is excited to be spending time with her parents for the next week (we’ll see if that holds true in 10 years…)
  • The forecast that says our couple days in San Fran (with lots of walking outside) will be in the upper 50s.
  • The special election is today so my mobile phone will no longer be called to remind me to vote (until later this year…)
  • My Christmas cactus is still in bloom and gorgeous!
  • My syllabus being almost done (and seeming like it will be an enjoyable class for all involved).
  • The start of week 2 of my goal-setting workshop…let’s see what this week brings…

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