Daily Gratitude

Happy Friday everyone (it is Friday isn’t it?) I’m grateful for:

  • Not being sure if it is Friday because it doesn’t matter that much when on vacation!
  • A tasty Mexican dinner last night with a former student/now alum and his girlfriend.
  • Anticipation of a fun and pretty drive up north today.
  • How extraordinarily calm and patient Pkin has been on this trip. Despite waking up early, walking a lot, sitting at dinner for a few hours, changing plans, etc. she has just rolled with it and had fun!
  • Being largely OK with the fact that I have to go back to work on Tuesday and that I’ll start by diving straight into teaching a new class.
  • That my body seems to be sticking with me through all this travel!
  • That hubby has, essentially, packed up the room while I took a shower and wrote my gratitudes.

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