Daily Gratitude

I’ve been having a FM flare today, so kept putting off (and then forgetting) my gratitudes. I think, though, it’s days like this when I need them most. I’ll try to remember that next time…

Today, I’m grateful for:

  • A hubby who is supportive enough to run all the way back downstairs to bring be my computer when I remembered I hadn’t posted my gratitudes yet.
  • A daughter who is a hoot and a half as she experiments with all sorts of new words and asks all sorts of interesting new questions (one of today’s nest: “Is there a place way way down where there’s like a desert and there’s lots of dead people walking around?” She isn’t talking about hell, for those who might think she is, but about a plot element in an El Tigre cartoon.)
  • Cats who snuggled with me all day because they knew I was feeling lousy.
  • Again with the supportive hubby, this time though for supporting me as I explore other possibilities for where I might take my life in the future.
  • Bedtime!

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