Daily+ Gratitude

OK, so, I totally didn’t post a gratitude yesterday. I realized that when I was in bed for the night after a long day spent at home in bed (FM flare + jetlag = yuck!) and decided that I was grateful that I didn’t have to get up and type up gratitudes at that point.

So, count that for yesterday!

Today, I’m grateful for:

  • Thinking I may have figured out what I want to be when I grow up (expect more on this as we move forward).
  • Having a hubby who understands and supports me and loves me enough to be OK with my going off after another totally different career plan.
  • Friday, which means tomorrow is the weekend!
  • Snuggly cats.
  • Snuggly kids.
  • Snuggles, in general.
  • Electric blankets (and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the big one for the bed that was, supposedly, delivered a couple weeks ago, but wasn’t so now we’re in week two or so of the “investigation.”)

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