Daily Gratitude

Long, long day…but it is nearly time for bed. Count that as my first grateful thing!

I’m also grateful for:

  • Random moments of warm-ish weather in the midst of winter (wish it would stay…)
  • Learning that watching ice skating on TV can help calm down a 6-year old.
  • My ability to stay relatively chill when that same 6-year old is crying at, literally, the top of her lungs about nothing in particular (her car seat is a little crooked, she thinks I used my frustrated voice…)
  • Coming out the other side of said temper-tantrums and imagining nothing more fulfilling than being home to care for her all the time (of course, the job doesn’t work so well with that…)
  • Cats who know exactly when you need some snuggles.
  • Good friends returning home after distant travels (and bringing fabulous jewelry with them!)
  • Patience and clarity.
  • My hubby.

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