Cupcakes in Honor of Cupceak

Two years ago today my wonderful Aunt Shannon lost her niece Courtney (aka Cupceak). Through the wonders of Facebook, she was able to reach out across the country with a call for everyone to enjoy a cupcake in Courtney’s memory. Pkin, never one to shrink from any excuse to make and eat cupcakes, took on that call!

Being a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pkin has her fair share of obsessions. We’ve gone through girl’s names (thankfully — week after week of “Can Sally be a name?” “Is it a girl’s name?” “Do you know anyone named Sally?” can get a bit tedious. We even tried to mix it up a couple times and change our answer to something different than what we said last time. She always remembered and called us out on it.)

Currently, her obsessions are World Geography (which includes not just where something is on a map, but also its history, culture, traditions, landmarks…she can also draw pretty much any country and can also identify country shapes in patterns on floors, cloud formations, and crumbs from dinner)…

And cupcakes. Aunt Shannon didn’t know how right on she was. For the past several days, Sofia poured through her several cupcake cookbooks trying to decide exactly which of the very many designs we should create. In the end, she went with a painter’s palette.


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