Why Applauding 50 Cent for “Manning Up” Just Pushes My Buttons

As a follow up on my last post, it appears 50 Cent has seen the error of his ways and apologized. Okay, so maybe just the last bit. I have this view of apologies that the words themselves are, largely, meaningless. It’s the actions that take place after the apology that tell me if someone is actually sorry — actions speak louder than words and all that. So, my jury is still out.

That being said, I cannot stand that some people are explaining what 50 Cent did in apologizing as him manning up. I am not sure I can thoroughly capture how much I despise that phrase. It is so loaded with sexist notions of what a “man” is that it makes me choke. Add to that that it is, essentially, impossible for a woman to “man” up. And then keep adding that it completely negates any notion that there could be anything other than “men” and “women.” Nothing like restricting the gender expression of every single person on the planet all in one little two-word phrase!

That people are now invoking it in scolding 50 Cent for tweeting insulting and discriminatory things is just offensive. Nothing like countering discrimination and insult by throwing about discrimination and insult!

But HeatherN @ The Good Men Project writes about the issues with “man up” much more eloquently than I. Check out her post and ponder (how perfect that she posted this just 2 days ago…) [Correction: HeatherN politely reminded me that it is currently July, not June. She wrote her post on June 7, thus just over a month ago rather than 2 days ago.]

And, yes. I posted a comment on this to the Strollerderby post linked to above. For some reason it hasn’t yet appeared on the page… I can’t imagine why…



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2 responses to “Why Applauding 50 Cent for “Manning Up” Just Pushes My Buttons

  1. So first, thanks for the compliment. Second, how remiss of me not to mention in my article that “manning up” also reinforces the binary nature of our gender system. That’s a very good point.

    And third, I wrote it a month and two days ago. 🙂 Damn June & July looking so similar eh? It’s not really that important, but just letting you know.

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