21-Day Sugar Detox: Day 3

Here we are! More than 10% of the way through and things are going pretty well (and wow! 10% already. 21 days really isn’t all that long!). I had the first signs of detox last night with a headache (I took magnesium and went to bed and it was better by morning). I also may or may not have a cold coming on — could also be detox. Or could be my bug-loving immune system that seems to like laying out the welcome mat and offering every yucky little critter that walks by a cool glass of lemonade and invitation to come sit a spell. I also know my body well enough to know that impending stress (like that associated with defending my dissertation next week — aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!) tends to attract illness. Or it could be allergies because it appears Spring may have finally sprung — at least for a week or so.

Whatever it is, I’ll tackle it head on. I stayed in bed a bit longer this morning to let my body get some extra rest. I’m prepared for the detox symptoms. I’m not quite as prepared for an actual cold or allergies as some of my first defenses with these involve honey, which I am currently avoiding for the 21 DSD. But I’ll figure it out.

I’m also getting prepared for a healthier life post-21 DSD. I’ve been intending to be a better gardener (which means actually letting some of the plants live) for a couple years, but have put some actual effort in this year. I even started little seeds on Sunday. They hang out next to me in the basement every day with their little warming pad and little grow light on its little stand that makes it adjustable. Some of them started sprouting on Monday, less than 24 hours after they were planted and now a little more than half are poking up their little heads. It’s so damn fun to come down each morning and see what popped up while I was sleeping and then to check at night to see that more have come up or those that were there have grown. See that big bean sprout right in the front of the picture? Yeah, it first popped out yesterday. All that growth in one day! Nature is so neat!

Seedlings 4-3 crop

I’m also heading out shortly to meet up with a friend who is giving me a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) so I can start brewing my own kombucha. I am particularly grateful because I totally killed the last one she gave me. Totally. Like knocked-over-its-jar-and-cracked-it-open-on-the-leg-of-her-desk-thus-destroying-the-SCOBY-and-making-her-office-smell-like-kombucha type of killed. It was sad. Now I get a second chance. And I plan to not kill it.

Here’s my food plans for today:

Breakfast: Green-tipped banana, toasted almonds, herbal tea with coconut oil

Lunch: [updated] Spinach salad with hard-boiled eggs, home-grown sprouts, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, and blue cheese with homemade vinaigrette

Snack: [updated] Herbal tea with coconut oil

Dinner: [updated] Leftover kitchen sink soup

The 21-Day Sugar Detox


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