21-Day Sugar Detox: Day 4

And yesterday began the headaches in earnest. You can always tell when you are doing an effective detox when your brain feels like it wants to push its way out of your head. This is definitely my least favorite part of the experience, but it also helps reinforce why I’m doing this. Nothing that you should be consuming should make your body feel this way when you aren’t consuming it. When’s the last time someone got a great big headache because they hadn’t had asparagus in 3 days? I just buckled down and pushed through and took things easy. The cold symptoms also seem to have gone away or, at least, diminished, so that may have been detox too (fingers crossed, knocking on wood, tossing salt over my shoulder, etc.).

Hopefully today has something better in store. I’ll be spending much of it with 27 or so 5th graders, so I can take all the energy and headache-free time I can get! Here’s hoping! I’ll be back to report in more once I’ve survived.

[updated] My headache (which got seriously brutal last evening — so much so that I finally gave in and took some ibuprofen,  which I do not like to do) hasn’t come back at all today even though I spent all day in an elementary school!


Breakfast: [updated] Green apple with almonds

Lunch: [updated] Egg salad with homemade sprouts

Snacks: [updated] Swiss cheese, detox tea

Dinner: [updated] Sashimi, sushi, and seaweed salad (at one of Pkin’s favorite restaurants)

The 21-Day Sugar Detox


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