21-Day Sugar Detox: Day 6

Almost 1 week in and the first weekend since I started. Historically, weekends are my roughest times with food partly because they are a bit chaotic (both the planned chaos of weekend activities and the unplanned chaos of having Pkin and DH around the whole time and needing/wanting to meet everyone’s needs and interests). So far so good this weekend though. Even though we didn’t get up and moving quite early enough to cook breakfast before heading out to Pkin’s Saturday morning activity (she started taking a class in manga drawing a couple weeks ago and loves it!), I managed to figure out something that worked for me (a couple hard boiled eggs with salt).

Pkin then wanted to go to her favorite Mongolian barbecue place for lunch. We didn’t have other plans and hadn’t defrosted any protein sources to use for lunch, so we decided to go for it. It’s the first time we’ve been here, though, since I’ve been doing the 21 DSD so my old standards wouldn’t quite work. It was easy enough to select appropriate protein sources (I went with unmarinated beef and shrimp so I was certain there wasn’t any sweetener on it — my own version of surf and turf). Veggies, of course, are simple. I chose cabbage, onion, and mushrooms. I also added some diced garlic and an egg. I loaded up more than usual on the dry seasonings, making sure to only use those I knew didn’t include any sweeteners, since I suspected the sauces might be out for me. And I was right. None of them listed ingredients and none of them were just a simple item like sesame oil. So, I went sauceless. I chose rice as my starch and made certain not to eat all of it (they really do give way too much).

They looked at me a bit oddly when I gave them my bowl to cook. And they asked me twice if I really wanted no sauce. Once they believed me, they cooked it up and it was mighty tasty! I could actually taste all the individual ingredients rather than everything becoming a someone monotonous blob of stuff flavored with sauce.

It is, in fact, possible to eat out without sugar. It takes a bit of thinking and a lot of making informed choices rather than falling back on old habits, but it can be done.

Now it’s time for Family Movie Night (which often becomes Afternoon). Today it is DH’s turn to choose the movie (we are working on helping Pkin learn that part of being in a family or friends or whatever sort of social relationship we might be talking about is recognizing that sometimes you get to choose what to do and sometimes you have to let others choose. This can be hard for people with autism to learn, and it is still stressful for her when it isn’t her turn to make a movie pick, but we keep working on it). His choice was The Princess Bride. And we’re doing without buttered popcorn…


Breakfast: Hard-boiled eggs with salt

Lunch: Beef and shrimp stir-fry with cabbage, onions, and mushrooms

Snacks: [updated] Cheese, chai with coconut oil, leftover salad from last night

Dinner: [updated] Original plan: Marsala chicken thighs and asparagus; Revised plan once cooking revealed that the chicken thighs were likely spoiled (and, even if still good, just smelled nasty): Bacon, egg, and cheese omelette and asparagus (sometimes you just have to roll with it and make a new informed choice)

The 21-Day Sugar Detox


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