21-Day Sugar Detox: Day 10

Today is another one of those crazy days. I defend my dissertation tomorrow morning so am doing all sorts of last minute work (as well as lots of last-minute procrastination). One of the more pleasurable parts of that procrastination was doing a bit of shopping to get a new outfit to wear to my defense.  And this is very odd for me because I do not usually like shopping. Being a short, fat woman has a tendency to make clothes shopping annoying (at best) and depressing (at worst).

I have very intentionally not been paying much attention to my weight or inches throughout my 21 DSD. After years and years of being obsessed with my body, I’ve recently arrived at a place where my focus in more on how I feel. I figure if I’m feeling good and fit and healthy, my body will do whatever it is supposed to do to be whatever it is supposed to be.

This new view meant that today I actually looked at clothes for what they were and how they made me feel rather than predetermining what I thought I could or could not pull off. And I tried them on. Like actually took them into a room full of mirrors and put them on my body, lumps and bumps and all.

Some of them worked and some of them didn’t — and that was OK. I put those that didn’t back and bought those that didn’t. No judgments, no sadness, no blahs — just a cute and comfy outfit that I like (and that makes me want to make a necklace to go along with it. I’m sure I have time for that before I defend tomorrow, right? I mean, that definitely wouldn’t be more procrastination…)

Now I think I need a new pair of shoes…


Breakfast: Green apple with almonds

Lunch: Roast beef with cheddar and seed crackers

Snacks: Check back for updates!

Dinner: Check back for updates!

The 21-Day Sugar Detox


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