21-Day Sugar Detox: Day 11

This post is coming rather late today as it’s been a crazy day. I slept very little last night and the day started earlier than usual. I’m not normally someone who spends a lot of time fussing over hair and make-up and what to wear, but this morning I did. I mean, I actually hauled my curling iron out from underneath the bathroom sink for what has to be the first time in a couple years. Not only did I haul it out — I actually used it. And my hair stayed sort of curledish for an hour or two. And even though I was nervous and wasn’t sure how much I could actually eat, I knew I needed to eat something. DH was fabulous (as always) and cooked up a couple eggs and some bacon from a great local, organic farm (it was really good).

And then after this morning of fairly organized yet jam packed running around, I successfully defended my dissertation. Yup. Who’s the doctor? That’s me! (And Matt Smith — I don’t look as good in a bow tie though).

All the hoopla (and an evening PTA meeting that I almost forgot about even though I’m the President) meant there wasn’t really a plan for the food today. So, I just rolled with it and made the best choices I could in each situation.


Breakfast: Eggs and bacon.

Lunch: Bits and pieces of Thai Violet, Massaman Curry, and Drunken Noodles (After my defense, a couple of us headed to lunch at a Thai place. We ordered three dishes and shared. I mostly pulled the meat and vegetables from the dishes — with the exception of one piece of a white potato that I just decided I wanted to try — and a bit of rice. I’m guessing at least some of the sauces probably had some sort of sweetener or wheat or something, but it is what it is!)

Snacks: Pumpkin seeds

Dinner: (This was supposed to be some crab from a crab pot at Pkin’s favorite restaurant, but we were walking in when I remembered the PTA meeting…) Bacon and green beans.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox


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