21-Day Sugar Detox: Day 12

I realized this morning that I am more than halfway through the 21DSD. It’s become so second nature(ish) that I hadn’t really noticed. That’s not to say that I don’t still have to think about it and plan, but just that doing so isn’t that hard anymore. I’ve found my ways to make it work.

This revelation led me to think a bit about how far I’ve come in this short time.

For one, I haven’t had a craving I can remember. At all. For anything.I haven’t been tempted by sugar. I started this process the day after Easter. We still had loads of Easter candy in the house (the bunny is always a little bit too generous to us) and I didn’t eat (or even really think about eating) any. I staffed the chocolate fondue station at Pkin’s Girl Scout VIP dance where the only thing to dip was marshmallows and I had no desire to eat any. Yesterday, DH and I took Pkin to the mall for some shopping in celebration of my completing my PhD. We went to two of her favorite stores there, Bath & Body Works (I’ll have to post about her obsession with that place some time. It is truly impressive!) and Godiva. She and DH got some chocolates. I didn’t. And I didn’t feel all neglected or tortured or pouty or anything. Those mid-afternoon and, in some cases, mid-morning crashes are gone. The intense need to eat something to stave off sleep, headache, crankiness, hunger, etc. seems to be gone. Even when I’m bored out of my mind (I am definitely a boredom eater) or stressed (I am also, sometimes, a stress eater).

I can totally live my life — and live it better than before — without sugar.

That doesn’t mean that I’m never going to eat sweet things again — that has never been my plan. I am all about moderation. It’s about making informed choices and listening to my body. It’s about knowing what works for me and what doesn’t. And that’s what this process is helping me do. By getting the sugar out and eliminating the various physical and mental issues it carries with it, I can now move forward making better choices rather than perpetually chasing the sugar highs and lows.

I have just over a week to figure out where I go from here. Guess I should get started…


Breakfast: Hard-boiled eggs, half a green apple

Lunch: Beef and cheddar with seed crackers

Snacks: Half green apple, nuts

Dinner: Crab. Lots. And a bit of butter and lemon. Yum.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox


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