21-Day Sugar Detox: Day 13

There are only about 2 minutes left in day 13 actually, but at least it still is. We had another busy day today. I think I mentioned that, a few weeks ago, I found a manga drawing class for Pkin (which is completely amazing!). She’s had another session this morning and her drawing (which was already pretty outstanding) is growing wonderfully.

And because almost 2 hours of Japan wasn’t enough, we headed out to a Japanese Street Festival immediately after. It was Pkin’s view of heaven — loads and loads of cute and tons of booths where she could touch items of all sorts (and, believe me, she touched EVERYTHING)! It was insanely busy and pretty loud (3 different stages of music, plus all the extraneous noise of thousands of people in the same place), which definitely overstimulates Pkin’s senses. That often feeds into  and increases the touching…touching…touching… There weren’t any meltdowns, though, and not nearly as much stress as last year. Part of that, I think, is because she was more prepared for what it would be like (last year, we weren’t quite sure as it has been years since DH and I went), part of that was because we were more prepared on how to help her, part of it was that the temperature was perfect (last year was really hot), and part if it is how far she’s come.

I began thinking about that yesterday as I wrote about my progress on the 21 DSD. There are just so many things that have improved for us all. I’ll need to take some time and think about it all — I promise to write more about that once it isn’t almost midnight and I haven’t been up until almost midnight for several nights in a row.

Anyway, food! Yeah! I actually didn’t participate much in the food part of the festival as there was very little I could eat. I did have a bit of sushi, but that was honestly the only option available. It helped to reinforce what I wrote about yesterday, that once I have finished I will be living the mantra of moderation, but not blocking things entirely out of my life. I want to be able to have fun and enjoy life without feeling I’m deprived (I don’t respond well to deprivation) and experience all sorts of cultures — and that includes the foods. But, for today, I stuck it out and kept going.

I can tell, though, that the next few days are going to be a bit harder. This isn’t because I wasn’t able to have this or that at the festival, but because a fibro flare has started. That isn’t surprising considering how crazy these past few days have been. It is fairly common for me to flare up after several days of pushing and pushing to do what I need to do. So, it is expected. I probably could have kept it from coming on as badly as it might by not going to the festival today, but that was never an option I would consider. Just as with the 21DSD, sometimes you have to make the best decision you can with what you’ve got. Today, that best decision was to spend time with my family doing something that makes Pkin’s eyes light up with joy! What could be better than that?


Breakfast: Huevos Rancheros(ish — I made modifications to bring it in line with the plan)

Lunch: Sushi

Snacks: Cheese

Dinner: Chicken schwarma, salad, arnabeet (fried cauliflower), and tahini

The 21-Day Sugar Detox


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