21-Day Sugar Detox: Day 15

Today is one of those days that drives a person to sugar (I don’t drink, so it doesn’t really drive me there). Started easy enough, then a bit busy with a good bit of walking as I jaunted all about campus getting signatures and delivering forms so I can officially be done with my PhD. I took Pkin along with me and she enjoyed it — until she didn’t. Then she disengaged and played games on my phone while periodically whining. She explained that she wanted to be done NOW as being there “…makes me think of grown ups.” She wasn’t reassured by my explanation that a great many of the people there who might, technically, be grown ups don’t really act like it.

As we were leaving, I learned that someone thought that blowing up the finish line of a marathon was a good idea. I intentionally avoided most of the news on this once I got home. Events like this (as well as smaller things like car accidents, house fires, and the like) are one of the only times I remember one of the only things I learned in my brief stint in AP English back in high school — fascination of the abomination. Though we learned it in reference to Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, I think it applies to a great deal of what we see on TV today. People are so fascinated, so drawn to the tragic, the horrible that they, quite often, just can’t turn away. I vividly remember spending hours and hours watching 9/11 coverage (once I got home from work where our office was evacuated and I was stuck in traffic for a couple hours because I was stupid enough to try to get home by driving past the Naval Observatory). Apparently, I just didn’t have enough chaos in my own life. I have learned enough about myself in the past few years, though, to know that no good will come from my staring at the TV endlessly. I watched Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives instead.

It was, of course, also tax day. A couple weeks ago I thought to myself that I must have been crazy to plan my dissertation defense 4 days before I had to file our taxes. I barely touched them before I defended and didn’t really do much on them the next day either. And yet I got them done. Even with online filing, though, we needed to send one form to the IRS via postal mail. And it had to be postmarked today. And the post office near us wasn’t open late. And we didn’t find that out until most of the other post offices near us were also closed. And the closest one that was open (about 15 miles away) was only open until 8pm. And DH didn’t have time to get there before his class (and he’s teaching it, so can’t really just slide in unnoticed a little bit late) and it would be closed once his class ended. So, into the car Pkin and I piled. It only took us 20 minutes to get to within a couple blocks of the PO. And another 30 to get work our way to the front of the very, very long line of cars waiting to drop off. Thankfully, our envelope was completely ready so we could just hand it off to the nice postal workers standing outside collecting mail. Otherwise, we would have had at least another 30 minute wait (judging by the length of the line).

Once we finally got home, it was late and Pkin hadn’t eaten dinner. And she wanted pasta. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue — I know how to cook pasta! But she wanted acini de pepe — one of my favorites (especially with an egg and lots of butter and parmesan cheese). That I like it wasn’t the issue though. That it can be hard to cook properly and almost impossible to tell that it’s one without tasting it — that was the issue. So, today — on Day 15 — I had 6 pieces of acini de pepe (the first one was way underdone, the second almost ready, and the last four were fine — I was just too tired to make it be only one piece. They are only a couple millimeters big and I was done with being precise).

I also cooked Pkin and DH a few cookies. Interestingly, I thought that would be a challenge, but I think the tired is carrying through so much that I just don’t care. So they happily nosh away on their sugar. I drink a chai with coconut oil and count the minutes until we go to bed. Tomorrow is, after all, another day.


Breakfast: Greek yogurt, cinnamon, and walnuts (intended to include a green apple, but apparently we’re out)

Lunch: Salad with guacamole, sour cream, cheese, salsa, chicken, and beans

Snacks: Cheese, chai with coconut oil

Dinner: Leftover salad from lunch

The 21-Day Sugar Detox


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