21-Day Sugar Detox: Day 21!

Well here we are on the last day of the detox! Looking back, I’m a bit surprised I made it and with only a few hiccups. I honestly thought it would be a bit harder — especially with my dissertation defense in the middle of it all. I know that it isn’t because it’s easy (I started at the same time as several other people I know, but I’m not sure any of them made it through. And I know they are outstanding and focused women). So, I’m thinking maybe it was because it was the right thing for me at the right time for me.

And I’m intending to keep that going. Starting tomorrow, I will be adding honey into my diet. Following the 21DSD plan for reintroducing a food — I will have it at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then not again for 72 hours. In that time, I will be paying a lot of attention to what my body is doing in response. If it is OK with honey — then I am totally making some sort of almond or coconut flour baked yummy. Because that is what I miss most (and the 21 DSD suggests adding back what you miss most first).

I also plan to keep up this gym-going pseudo-habit I’ve created this past week. I didn’t go to the gym today, but did get a heck of a lot of walking in on our Ikea run this afternoon (both the intentional once-around-the-whole-place walk and the later oops-we-forgot-to-get-something-upstairs-so-I’ll-dash-back-up-oh-wait-there-is-no-“dash”-at-Ikea-so-I’ll-just-do-the-whole-walk-around-the-place-thing-again-but-lots-faster walk). Yeesh!

I plan to keep posting here as I add foods, eliminate foods, go to the gym, grow some veggies, hang out with my family, start a new degree in the fall — whatever seems to spur me to write. I likely won’t do it every day, but I’ll be here. And — hopefully — you will be too! 🙂


Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, and parmesan

Lunch: Meatballs and veggies

Snacks: Cheese and sunflower seeds; apple and almond butter

Dinner: Chicken kabobs, cauliflower stewed in tomatoes, and rice
The 21-Day Sugar Detox


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