The World of Wheat (or Maybe Not…)

As I mentioned in my last post, for my latest post-21DSD food reintroduction I decided to try some wheat. I figured it was something I wanted to know and, if I didn’t react, would make a lot of things easier as I continued to add and test other foods (as we all know, wheat is all over the place so if I didn’t need to worry about avoiding it it would take a lot of the pressure of my planning and prepping).

I originally planned to try it on Sunday, but then thought better of that since that was the day of the Autism Acceptance Walk DH, Pkin, and I were participating in. I figured if I happened to react to it about the last thing I was going to want to do was walk around a track with a bunch of other people an hour away from home. So, I decided to tackle it on Saturday instead (again figuring that any reaction I had would likely be chilled out enough a day later that I could handle the walk).

I started Saturday morning with a breakfast I had had a couple times during the 21DSD (huevos rancheros), but decided to add two wheat tortillas to the mix. I specifically chose tortillas rather than bread or some sort of baked good as I wanted to limit the chances I would get a reaction to some other ingredient in the item (i.e. yeast). I was a bit surprised when I seemed to have no reaction at all to the tortillas after a few hours. I started to think about all the anti-wheat hoopla I’ve read and think I might be one of the lucky ones who actually doesn’t have a problem with wheat.

For lunch, I stuck with the flatbread motif and had some naan-style bread with kabobs (not sure if it is actually called naan in that context). DH had ordered the items while I was shopping in a fabric store and didn’t end up getting exactly what I wanted. For some reason (which I now understand to be either connected to the earlier wheat or to my fibromyalgia — more on that in a bit), I had a mini brain meltdown over it being different. I got pissy and cranky and overwhelmed by the difference and, for a little while at least, had a bit of a temper tantrum refusing to eat it at all.

Once I chilled out a bit, I ate it. And about 15 minutes later I got a couple mouth sores. I noted that and then went on about my day. A couple hours later, I started feeling really blah. I was lethargic, stiff, and achy. My joints started popping a lot and I just wanted to go to bed. At risk of sharing too much, I also became rather gassy. Interestingly, I didn’t have any other digestive issues even though my stomach had been a bit dicey for a couple days before (possibly from too much dairy).

Yesterday morning I felt a good bit better so headed to the Autism walk. On the way back home, though, I started to crash. Lots of fatigue and a good bit of pain. I went straight to bed when we got home even though it was only 4:30pm. I slept until 9:30pm, woke up enough to eat dinner (in bed — DH is good to me), and then tried to sleep again. That didn’t work until about 2:00am today though and when I did finally fall asleep it was very light and quite interrupted.

Something was definitely going on. The problem was (and is) that I can’t be certain if it was all related to the wheat. It absolutely could be, no doubt about that! Unfortunately, last week was also super busy and involved a lot of physical activity (I subbed at an elementary school every day that week in various roles including special ed teacher in an autism class and special ed teacher working with kids from K through 2 and all over the school). And a week like that could trigger a fibro flare — which has exactly those symptoms for me.

As a result, I don’t yet know what is up. I may have an issue with wheat. Or I may have had a flare. Or both.

And that means I can’t yet make any determination and have to do more investigating. So, I’m laying off wheat for a few more days and then trying it again — assuming my flare (or whatever) has resolved. If I get the same or similar results, then I know wheat is out. If all is well, then wheat is in (though still in moderation and not all crazy-typical-American-diet-y).

Between now and then, I’m trying to take it easy (while still accepting sub jobs because having a bit of income is good and with an eye to the fact that this Saturday marks the start of our festival/show season with our business New Path Designs — and I need to make a lot more new product before we get started!) and let my body heal. If this does all turn out to be the result of wheat, it will actually shed some very interesting light on my fibro over the last few years. Stay tuned!
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