CSA Challenge: Prep

For the last several years we have been members of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program at Great Country Farms. As much as I love getting that fabulous box full of fresh, seasonal veggies and fruits every week (I especially love getting to pick additional items straight off the plants most weeks), I have to admit that we have often ended up giving away some of what we get or (more often) letting it sit unused for so long that the only thing we can do with it is throw it in the composter.

I’ve decided that this is the year when we change that!

So, I’m setting myself (ourselves, but realistically myself since I’m the food planner in the house) a challenge. I am going to use every item we get in every box every week of the 2013 CSA season.

To keep me honest (and maybe help out someone else in the same CSA spot I’ve been in the past), I will post every week both what we get in our box and what we do with it. If it looks good and/or tastes good, I’ll tell you about it (and maybe even post a pic). If it looks lousy and/or tastes lousy, well, I’ll probably share that too — cuz that’s just how I roll.

Our first CSA box pick-up is tomorrow, so check back for updates!


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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you get!

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