CSA Challenge: Box #1

Yeah! It’s CSA day! I get a little giddy as the start of CSA season approaches each year. I just love all the gorgeous, fresh produce and the opportunity to get out of the suburbs and into nature a bit. We intentionally select the farm pick up option rather than the delivery because it forces us to get out to the farm. That also means we get to fully partake in the pick-you-own bonuses each week. I know myself (and my family) well enough to know that if the boxes just magically arrived at my house or if I just had to drive a mile or two to get to a group drop site, I would find excuses not to visit the farm. Not only would we lose out on the extras that are part of what our CSA subscription fee pays for, but we would also stay stuck in the concrete and manicured grass of the burbs.

Though I don’t think I could survive in the country permanently, I relish the few hours a week where we hang out in the clean, fresh air of the farm picking our own fruits and veggies straight off the plant/tree. It also gives me hope and inspiration that I can actually figure out how to grow some of our own food at home (I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about that here throughout the summer — whether I kill everything or not).

So, to the farm we (DH and I) went! And it was a gorgeous day — not too hot and not too cool with a nice breeze and a bit of sun.

It’s been a bit cooler and wetter here in the last few weeks, so some of the produce is a bit behind schedule, but we still got a nice batch of yummies. Specifically, we got:

CSA 2013 List 1This means we got a big reusable plastic box filled with 1 quart of strawberries, a big bag of spinach, 3 or 4 radishes, a bundle of spring onions, a bunch of asparagus (some green and some purple and some crazy big!), a basil plant to add to the basil pot I have growing from a couple other types we bought at a farmer’a market a couple weeks ago), and a snazzy little magnet for our car. We also got to pick another quart of strawberries and a bit of mint without paying extra for them. Of course, once you’re out in a field full of fresh strawberries, you kinda of don’t stop at one quart. We ended up buying an extra 5 pounds (but they were crazy cheap — $2.49 a pound and then 10% off for being CSA members).

Here’s this week’s haul:

Love the cute little tractor magnet. In case you can't read it, it says "Whose your farmer? GCF"

Love the cute little tractor magnet. In case you can’t read it, it says “Who’s your farmer? GCF”

Now to set about using all those goodies. Check back this week to see what we do with them all!


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  1. So jealous of those strawberries.

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