CSA Challenge: Week 1 Wrap Up

Yeah, so, that whole challenge thing? Not so successful this first week. Through a combination of nearly-the-end-of-school chaos and how-long-does-farm-fresh-produce-last? forgetfulness, I didn’t get to everything in time.

Some items from the CSA box were easier to deal with than others given my delays. The onions are still good so are just waiting in the frig for us to use them. I used most of the spinach in green smoothies, before the last bits of it turned to that ookey greenish-brown spinach water sludge. Many strawberries also joined the smoothie party or were turned into juice and mixed with fresh-squeezed orange juice all with the handy Hurom juicer DH bought me for graduation (I’ll do a post about just this some time later as it is AWESOME!). And the basil plant is planted (with a couple other basil plants from an earlier farmer’s market).

Some of the strawberries didn’t make it anyplace except the compost pile though. They were doing well and we were going to do something fabulous with them this weekend, then BOOM! We woke up Saturday morning and they had either turned to mush or turned to fuzz or both. I’m sure the critters in our composter are quite happy.

Similarly, the radishes turned suddenly too. I had planned to have them in my lunch today, but when I pulled them out to chop them up they had shriveled and dried (pouty face). So, I have learned that I just can’t wait that long to deal with everything (especially when it is as crazy humid as it has been this past week).

Lesson learned. On to week 2 starting tomorrow — when I will actually use everything. For real.


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