There’s No Gift Like Totoro

I am a planner. I plan like crazy. I plan for fun. Back in the olden days before Google Maps and GPS, I used to sit down with a road atlas, a legal pad, and a calculator and plan out road trips that we might take someday (though had no particular plans to actually do).

I am also a crafter. I am very good at making jewelry and pretty good at a lot of other crafty things. And I aspire to (and believe myself to have the potential to) be better at almost everything. It should be no surprise, then, that I will often see something in a store and say, “I could make that!” instead of “I should buy that!” That first statement is the bain of Pkin’s existence. Almost every time she sees something she likes, I explain to her how I could make it and how much less it would cost if I did.

Sometimes she makes it clear that she does not care and wants it anyway. Sometimes we let her get it (usually using her saved allowance) and sometimes we tell her it isn’t an option (usually when it is absurdly overpriced).

And sometimes she decides to let me try to make it myself. I then embark on my planning, figure out what I need, and (usually) go buy all the things I need to make it. Those then sit in bags that eventually make it to shelves that eventually make it to boxes that eventually take up residence in our craft room (aka storage room) — and it doesn’t every get made.

You see, the ability to make something does not automatically connect with the time and attention needed to actually make it.

So I was very proud of myself when I finished one of those items as a Christmas gift for Pkin. Granted, I didn’t get started until the night of December 23 and spent almost all of December 24 working away at the sewing machine, but it was successfully completed and in place by the time we headed to bed on Christmas Eve — and she was quite happily and pleasantly surprised.

I need to do more of this finishing what I start stuff! It’s kind of fun!


Totoro Bed

Totoro bed — inspired by Tonari No Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)


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