The Secret to Teaching Math

Pkin doesn’t like math. Like, really doesn’t like math. Like, “I think math is my enemy and I can’t imagine anything worse in the world” doesn’t like math. And not without reason. She has struggled in math since at least first grade. Some parts of math (particularly those focused on visual skills such geometry and symmetry) she picks up fairly quickly. Other parts (place value, money, time, double-digit addition and subtraction, multiplication and division more generally) are hard. Really hard. She can seem to finally get it one day and the next day it’s as if she’s never even heard of the concepts before. It frustrates her and it bewilders us and her teachers. And we all keep plugging on hoping that one day we’ll find the key — even though every lock has a different key and there are who knows how many locks.

So when we find a little victory, we celebrate it. Tonight was one of those nights.

DH currently has Pkin begging to know what an isosceles triangle is. He told her it was something she couldn’t talk about in school and that she isn’t old enough to discuss it (thus she assumed it was highly inappropriate — and wanted to know all about it).

Ya’ gotta’ do whatever works!


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