In the Pkin Patch is a place that welcomes discussion and random sharing on all sorts of issues. I have no particular plan for what I will or will not address — it all depends on what gets me going on any particular day.

I am Sarah, an academic who believes members of the academy need to take steps to ensure that what we learn, research, and know is accessible to everyone — especially all those people we are studying! I’m also the mother of a daughter adopted from China who has autism and Tourette syndrome, the wife to my high school sweetheart who also has autism, a PhD student in cultural studies whose research focuses on memory studies and adoption studies, a soon-to-be Masters of Education student studying to become a special education teacher, a jewelry designer, a certified holistic health coach, an atheist who is okay with people believing other things as long as they are okay with me doing the same (and a defector from my Catholic extended family who wasn’t), a cat lover, a football fan, a perpetual trying-to-be-organizeder, a strongly opinionated “bitch” (and proud of it!), a lover of well-reasoned argumentation, and a person who does not suffer fools gladly.

A few decoding clues:
DM/DH is my husband (I shifted from DM to DH at some point and am just too lazy to go edit old posts)
Pkin is my daughter
I’ll add others as I find them (if there is some abbreviation, acronym, or initialization I use and you aren’t sure what it is, please ask and I’ll explain and add it here)


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