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My Daughter The Comedian

Pkin loves to listen to the rain, so she opened the window in the bedroom when she came upstairs hoping she might hear some. When DH and I came up a little bit later:

Pkin: “Wow! Tough crowd tonight.”
Me: “What?”
Pkin: “Tough crowd.”
DH: “Tough crowd?”
Pkin: “Yeah, I can hear crickets!”

Ba-dum, ching!


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Valentine’s Day…Because…

DH and Pkin went to the grocery store earlier today to get a few things. I’m feeling pretty blah (yet another Kindergarten-inspired cold), so sent them on their own. They came home with some gorgeous long-stem red roses. I understand the conversation in choosing them went something like this (a bit of a window into neurodiversity and socially constructed holidays).

DH: We should get mama some flowers for Valentine’s Day.
Pkin: Why?
DH: Because that’s a thing.
Pkin: Why?
DH: Because it’s a thing.

‘Nuff said.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

As a parent, you can’t always tell when (or if) you’re having an impact on your child. This is especially true as they become a tween and, presumably, as they continue into teen-dom. Sometimes, though, you can see little bits of what you sneaking through…

Pkin and I went to the grocery store today and she got a little pizza for lunch. As we were grabbing everything from the car, I asked her if she could get the pizza.

Her response: “Yes, I’ve got her right here.” [pause] “I can’t believe I just gendered the pizza.”

That is, most definitely, my girl!

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Infinite Jest

Pkin and I were discussing numbers last evening. She asked me if “one billion zillion” comes after 80 hundred. I was walking through large segments in order (ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.) and quickly realized I couldn’t remember what came after trillions. I told her it might be quadrillions, but we would need to check to make sure. She said, “Don’t worry, Mama. I know what comes next. A sideways 8.”

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