21-Day Sugar Detox: Day 16

Today I actually went to the gym. This is a big deal. Really. Like, really!It has been almost exactly 4 months since I went (December 15 was my last trip). After that, I caught a cold. When that was almost gone, I got another one. Then there was Christmas. Then New Year’s. Then another cold. Then a flare. Then Pkin’s birthday. Then a cold. Then my birthday. Then a cold. You get the idea. And in the midst of all of that there was the dissertation. For most people, dissertation equals a long, long time of sitting on your butt writing. Mine was no exception. My couch cushion can attest to that.

For DH’s dissertation (he’s just starting), we bought a manual treadmill and I will be building a desk that attaches to the treadmill and a wall shelf for the monitor (I will, of course, post about this once I make it. We figure we’ll get a walking desk for less than $200 as opposed to the $2000+ to buy one). So, hopefully, his couch cushion will fare better than mine.

And, hopefully, I’m back into my gym-going ways of yore. I plan to ease in a bit rather than diving head first. I’ve learned that gives me a better chance of succeeding. While doing that, I’ll continue to add small bits of additional activity at home. Gardening should give me plenty of that sort of activity. We are around our last freeze date here, so it’s time to start getting those little plants outside and in the ground. Just as I’ve made some important changes in the last 2+ weeks, so have those little seedlings. Remember the first pic on Day 3? Here’s where they are today:

Seedlings 4-16

Pretty cool, right? The beans and peas are both ready for staking and the nasturtium is ready to go out as well. The cucumbers and lettuce mix still have a bit of time left and the tomatoes and herbs will have several weeks more in the house. Some seeds didn’t make it, but that’s OK. I’ll just keep trying! Success, in anything, is all about not giving up when you hit a rough patch. You gotta’ just keep going and eventually you’ll get there!


Breakfast: Ham, 1/2 green apple, and almonds

Lunch: Sauteed baby bella mushrooms (lots of them!), beef and cheddar rolls

Snacks: [updated] Cheese, almonds

Dinner: [updated] Roast chicken and green beans with an amazing garlic/lemon/olive oil sauce (lots and lots of garlic!!!)

The 21-Day Sugar Detox


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